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Small mammals

As Good Animal online store, has everything you need to enjoy you and your family in the company of small mammals like ferrets, dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters. Animals that once known it is understood that have become highly prized pets, as occurs with certain species of mouse and rat, with squirrels or chinchillas.

Cages for rodents

The first consideration needs to be done about these animals is that it is necessary to live with us in specific for each cage. For example, rabbit hutches are more grades than cages for chinchillas , let alone the cages for gerbils .

That in size, but there are also differences in supplements. Without going any further, one cage for ferrets have compared a few accessories compared to a cage for guinea pigs, because the latter leave much less of it.

Types of food for these small mammals

Guinea Pig food or food for hamster varies depending on the different feed animals that are exclusively herbivores or those that can ingest animal protein. Without going any further, rabbit food is exclusively vegetarian, as is the case with feed or food for guinea pigs for chinchillas. While in the case of feed for ferrets are made taking into account the carnivorous diet of this small animal.

Products for cleaning and hygiene

In our pet shop logically not only getting cages for these animals or specific foods for each of them, clearly differentiating good food for gerbils food for squirrels, to name just one example. Here you will also find all kinds of accessories for cleaning and hygiene of these pets and their cages.

That is, we offer you the best brushes for guinea pigs, the shampoo for rabbits , substrates for bedding from the cages of hamsters, nail clippers for squirrels , ultimately, any product of this style will find no problems.

Walk with your pets

Obviously we can also provide you everything you need to go for a walk, go traveling or take your pet to the vet. We in the corresponding sections from the harness straps guinea pigs to rabbits, ferrets or trasportines for smaller or gerbil.

That is, calmly take a look at our animal shop and you will see that we face a huge and varied catalog of products, food or accessories or maybe you imagined that may exist for your pet.