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Everything, absolutely everything you need for your cat can buy in our online pet store. Since their food, wet or dry up their toys. From their collars and harnesses to special antiparasitic products for cats. His scrapers, houses, trasportines and a host of items for cats.

Cat Food

In our section of cat food you will see that all the major brands in the market are present. Feed for cats Royal Canin , that of Advance or the Breekies , among other brand names is at your disposal, so you choose the one that best feed your pet, no matter how demanding it at lunchtime.

That is, if your cat is more than wet food will also find the best brands in our catalog. Menus meat or fish that prepare specialists such as Eukanuba, Whiskas or Gourmet Diamant. Choose which is used your pet, you need because you have to follow recommended by the veterinarian or test new products to your diet variarle diet. Whatever the product you buy in I'll take you to your home.

And when ordering, do not forget to include some snack in the form of sticks or crackers for cats, many of which help your dental health, as well as giving pleasure to your pet snack between meals.

Food and water bowls for cats

Logically, if we offer the best cat food also we provide you with the necessary drinkers, feeders or dispensers of their food. As well as many other accessories in the form of automatic feeders, mouse their bowls or containers for sand where defecate. And if you think of something else related to feeding your cat or your particular household, do not hesitate to contact us. Surely it will also have at your disposal.

Cat toys

In the section of toys for cats also we have everything that you and your pet you can imagine for your entertainment. Actually, we could do a great park for cats which have attractive games for any feline. No shortage of mice stuffed , the tunnels for cats , balls in different materials so that chew and scratches, plus the usual scrapers for cats that are so important for your feline behavior.

In fact, any of these toys is related to their condition cat. These are games that help both their physical and mental development, so that your pet some potential as healthy conditions are maintained, since in many cases home cats become too sedentary animals so just leave home and do little exercise. If yours is so, then take a look at our products for cats and put remedy that.

Leashes, collars and harnesses for cats

But besides give him a toy to your pussycat, do you have to discard the possibility of going for a walk with him. We have the best straps and harnesses for him. Brands like Vitakraft Trixie or have in their repertoire endless belts, harnesses and collars cat who feel encouraged to walk out safely. Encourage them to try, without forcing it, because if the animal is not used, initially it will cost a bit, but then will he who asks you out for a walk.

antiparasitic products for cats

If finally you draw to your cat down the street or the park becomes an obligation to protect it with different antiparasitic products we have available in our online shop for cats. And though you do not bring forth, it never hurts to apply such protection regularly. Both with accessories such as flea collars , or in the form of sprays and pipettes for cats or other modern methods with which you can control the attack of fleas, ticks and mange mites. And for internal parasites that come to hide and damaging your digestive system we will also offer a wide range of leading brands specialized in animal pharmacy, as Beaphar, Frontline and Bayer industry.

Those same brands and other equally prestigious in the industry as Frieskies or Arquivet also have the necessary malts and herbs that help us they obstruct the intestines and eliminate them easier hairballs that autoingieren all cats.

Accessories to improve the behavior of your cat

Swallow balls made with his own coat is something that can hardly be corrected in the manners of a cat, as they are constantly licking your whole body. However, if there are other behaviors that can be corrected, especially those related to the places where they need. In you will find different repellent products cats in training section so you can teach him where he can not urinate. And in that same paragraph also you have muzzles or clickers available to improve certain practices that your cat does instinctively, but it is necessary that you take away the habit.

Travelling with your cat

The truth is that if it becomes necessary to educate your domestic cat and inculcate certain rules of behavior can not live without it. And I want to take it with you everywhere. In any getaway vacation and you have to travel with you. If so, we also provide all kinds of trasportines cat , so do not give up your company. And even if you think that kind of trasportines is extremely practical, but you can not help that gives you a sense of caging your pet, we offer you other travel bags made exclusively to take your cat, but at the same time they have a refined appearance and materials of the latest fashion.