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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Tonus Kitten

Gives all the necessary nutrients while cat is growing and developing. It is important for food to give our cats all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

You must educate your cat from childhood. Provide with the litter box and show where to pee, your cat needs scratcher the place where to play and scratch nails and relax. Fallow the advice and your house will be clean and furniture safe.

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Tonus Chicken for Kitten




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Features Tonus Chicken for Kitten

  • Reference7613033361807
  • BrandTonus
  • Weight1,5 Kg
  • AgeKitten
  • FlavorChicken

Description Tonus Chicken for Kitten

Chicken for Kitten by Tonus is a very complete food since its chicken flavor will make your cat devour it..This formula is suitable for kitten. TONUS Purina products have been developed to meet the nutritional needs of cats throughout their different stages of life.
Specific food for kittens up to 12 months old. It is also indicated for cats in gestation and lactation period. Formulated Natural DHA, which helps to better brain development and vision.

Customer Reviews Tonus Chicken for Kitten

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Siempre le compro esta comida a mi gatita y le va bien y se la voy a seguir comprando hasta que cumpla el año: tiene todas las vitaminas para su crecimiento y, sobre todo tonus es una buena marca y esta baratisimo :D


A mi gato le encanta, he probado con 4 tipos de pienso distintos y este es con diferencia el que mas le gusta. La forma del pienso es bastante pequeña, así que te vendrá bien si tu gato es muy pequeñito porque no le costará masticarlo ni se atragantará. Personalmente lo recomiendo.


A mi gato le gusta y le va bien, pero no me fio de que no ponga de donde proviene la carne o no mencione la taurina en los ingredientes, que es fundamental para los gatos. Yo no voy a volver a repetir.