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Test for ponds

Now you can enjoy in your home of an advanced metering system water ponds. With tests for ponds you can take control easily and safely, the correct state of water in your pond.

The test pond is a new method for checking the main parameters of pond water. Thus, we can ensure that the fish live and thrive in a habitat with correct chemical conditions.

Test ammonia pond

On our website online you will find several brands of test ammonia pond. These tests serve to detail the level of ammonia in the water after installing or cleaning the tank. It is very important to test the level of ammonia water, as this product is highly harmful to fish, which can suffer asphyxiation caused damage in the gills.

Test calcium pond

Your aquatic plants also deserve proper care, which is why in Miscota recommend periodically applying calcium tests pond. These have the function of controlling the calcium level of the pond to the proper growth of your plants.

Co2 test pond

Do you want your plants look evergreen? Liven up your pond applying our tests co2 pond. Co2 test helps control the level of Co2 in our pond, so that the plants can perform photosynthesis, facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

Test water hardness pond

If your aquarium is freshwater, you must apply the test pond water hardness. This test determines the concentration of salts and minerals in the water necessary for the health of fish, aquatic plants and other organisms in the pond.

Test phosphate pond water

The phosphate test aims to determine the phosphate content of the pond water. If many fish feces and feed these will increase the phosphate level considerably. It is very important to control the level of phosphate in the pond because although it is an important nutrient for all organisms that inhabit it also leads to algal bloom.

Other important test for your aquarium

Other tests that should not be overlooked. Nitrite test water for ponds and water pH test pond in can select from a variety of tests according to your preferences.