Yagu Mattress Huesca Nasau



Comfortable mattress for dogs, different sizes are offered to fit your pet.


  • 65x50x6 cm 76,19Lei 0,39Lei/M
  • 75x60x6 cm 86,49Lei 0,32Lei/M
  • 85x70x6 cm 92,67Lei 0,26Lei/M
  • 95x80x6 cm 114,31Lei 0,25Lei/M
  • 120x85x6 cm 166,34Lei 0,27Lei/M

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  • x1 76,19Lei 76,19Lei/unit
  • x2 -1,52Lei 150,86Lei 74,67Lei last unit
  • x3 -2,29Lei 226,28Lei 73,90Lei last unit
  • x5 -3,81Lei 377,14Lei 72,38Lei last unit
  • x1 86,49Lei 86,49Lei/unit
  • x2 -1,73Lei 171,25Lei 84,76Lei last unit
  • x3 -2,59Lei 256,88Lei 83,90Lei last unit
  • x5 -4,32Lei 428,13Lei 82,17Lei last unit
  • x1 92,67Lei 92,67Lei/unit
  • x2 -1,85Lei 183,49Lei 90,82Lei last unit
  • x3 -2,78Lei 275,23Lei 89,89Lei last unit
  • x5 -4,63Lei 458,72Lei 88,04Lei last unit
  • x1 114,31Lei 114,31Lei/unit
  • x2 -2,29Lei 226,33Lei 112,02Lei last unit
  • x3 -3,43Lei 339,50Lei 110,88Lei last unit
  • x5 -5,72Lei 565,83Lei 108,59Lei last unit
  • x1 166,34Lei 166,34Lei/unit
  • x2 -3,33Lei 329,35Lei 163,01Lei last unit
  • x3 -4,99Lei 494,03Lei 161,35Lei last unit
  • x5 -8,32Lei 823,38Lei 158,02Lei last unit

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Features Yagu Mattress Huesca Nasau

  • Reference8433872076743
  • BrandYagu
  • ShapeRectangular
  • Size65x50x6 cm, 75x60x6 cm, 85x70x6 cm, 95x80x6 cm, 120x85x6 cm
  • TypeMattresses and Cushions

Description Yagu Mattress Huesca Nasau

Comfortable mattress for dogs, different sizes are offered to fit your pet.

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