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dental hygiene for dogs

It is not easy to take the dog to the dentist, and certainly is not cheap, as if such intervention is necessary, always means having to anesthetize the animal, which increases, as well as create some risk. Anyway, as happens with humans, if we want to save all that, you have to invest in dental hygiene, which in the case of dogs translates into regular consumption and newspaper some dental snack for dogs .

Here you can find dental dog brushes , mouthwashes , toothpastes for dogs and dental sprays that will help with the task of oral health of your pet.

Dental cleaning products for dogs

Fijaros if it will be important that these products are objects for dogs up advertising campaigns on television and media. The you have seen, right? Logically, all the products you see advertised, like the famous Dentastix, you are going to be able to purchase in our shop online animals.

But do not believe that there is only Pedigree Dentastix, there are many other interesting products and brands such as Trixie or Virbac, which has specialized in dental hygiene snacks for dogs. Plus there are dog food brands that also offer their healthier and recommended for cleaning the canine teeth creations. This is the case of the bones of chlorophyll Friskies, the Advance Dental Care or Brekkies bars.

Toothbrushes for dogs

Yes. As you read it. In our shop you can find virtual pet toothbrushes for dogs. But of course, neither you nor he will be rubbing the teeth for a few minutes. Do you what you imagine, preparing brush with toothpaste for dogs? Amazing. Actually, are fun snacks brands like Greenies or Sandimas-tooth brush.

The benefit is based on the same process offering classic antisarro bones. Some tasty food, with a certain hardness, so that the animal have to chew, chew and also self-cleaning teeth tartar. While're having fun. And that somehow is a special snack for him and makes him get out of the routine of feed for dogs.

Yes. It is not proper for that feed dogs. And we must not abuse this type of product. They are very healthy but in certain doses. They are usually very tasty due to salts and fats for the animal to eat it easy. Therefore, we say that not abuse, because they are very good for oral cleaning dogs, but too much can be counterproductive.