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Fragrances for dogs

Something characteristic in animals and particularly in dogs is their natural smell, a smell that sometimes is not entirely pleasing to the human nose. Dog colonies have been created to improve the hygienic conditions of your four - legged friend. In you will find variety of presentations and brands of fragrances for dogs, made with quality standards you need to take care of your dog.

When using perfumes for dogs you should be clear that the natural smell will not disappear completely. Such products are used to avoid the presence of odors, caused by exposure to water and coat all kinds of dirt.

Using dog colonies

Apply perfume for dogs requires certain conditions, mainly have to know that dogs have their eyes, nose and very sensitive ears. Therefore you must ensure that the colony does not have contact with any of the parties mentioned. This would cause irritation. serious.

It is necessary that each lotion that you choose for your dog, go according to the characteristics and behavior of the dog, that is, you must ensure that in the female and male fragrances are according to their gender.

It is as in the case of dogs and burly characteristically more aggressive nature. It is advisable to use colonies not very strong odors, as they may disturb the tranquility of the animal. In addition you should always keep in mind that smell is one of the most important ways in dogs, so any kind of fragrance should be so strong that come to alter the smell of the canine.


Deodorant dog colonies

In general, you should know that most dog colonies come in spray. Some have smell of talc, but there is a kind of perfume that is widely used in animals and are deodorant dog colonies. You are employed by the prolonged action that, besides flattering have in caring for the dog 's fur.

It is can also find non - alcoholic dog colonies which are an excellent alternative for dogs with sensitive skin, as this type of product does not irritate the skin of the animal.

There are many options for online colonies dogs you can find in our section Colonies , but before selecting any of the products offered in our digital catalog do not forget to check with the veterinarian which product is most recommended for your dog.