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Accessories kennels

Accessories kennels

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Accessories dog houses

The space where your dog will rest is one of the main things you should consider. In Miscota.es you will find several options to put the house of your pet with the best accessories for kennels.
Both inside the home and in the garden, your dog must have adequate space for the rest of the day, and also allows you to have a peaceful sleep at night.

Accessories kennels are items that gradually can go shopping, to ensure a protective environment for your pet.

The plastic dog houses and wood are the most used. No matter what the material they are made, the kennels must be adapted to the lifestyle, size and breed of dog. They should also take into account the climatic characteristics.

Side of kennels

The booths protect your dog climate change. When buying accessories for cabins and dog doors must take into account the thermal insulation of its side, resistance and ease of cleaning the house.
The sides can find them in our online catalog: bar design, mixed mesh with PVC, select the one that suits to weather conditions where you live.

If your home is in a warm area we recommend side bar or mesh while if you live in frí areas as mixed side guarantee protection and shelter for your pet.

Parideras for dogs

One of the raz ones by which we feed, educate, we play, we train and we guarantee a comfortable booth with the respective accessories dogs, is by the great love and attention that they deserve faithful friends.

Is Miscota.es find paridereas for dogs. This accessory will be useful when the labor of your pet, guaranteeing hygiene and safety. Check out farrowing crates for small, medium or large dogs stock.

Farrowing pens for dogs are very important to the process of gestation, pregnancy and lactation accessories. All are made of antiseptic materials.

Ceilings for doghouses

The ceilings for cabins you'll find here range from ceilings box for cabins, ceilings sandwich stands, or socket. Choose the one that fits the type of booth you need for your dog.
You must remember that the size and ceiling height for cabins fits the size and space required by your pet according to their race. This type of accessories make the resting place of the dogs, a comfortable place that will allow you to rest and sleep sheltered from the cold, rain and high temperatures.

Door accessories for dogs

Accessories doors for houses, will make more pleasant rest your pet and protect them from any eventuality.  
It is important to have in mind that accessories for cabins and dog doors are easy to install and are easy to maintain hygiene, ensuring optimal levels of health for your pet.

Brands kennels

Miscotas.es offers everyone a number of accessories for cabins and dog doors, made by various brands that allow you to care for and protect your faithful companions, including: Trixie , Ferplast , Gaun , Copele , among others that manufacture items innovative and design have international recognition.
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