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Dermocanis is dedicated to the world of pets and has a wide range of products for the hygiene of your pet.


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  • Published by Juhani S. on 04/02/2014

    We have used this product since 1998 with brilliant results for our Siberian Huskies after the skin problems of our first one. It was then recommended By a Veterinarian on Gran Canaria. Outside Europe this was then more of less unknown. So we had to import it with the help of our friends living in Spain. Now it is availlable in Finland too but only in veyt expensive small bottles. So we used this mail service with the price of 2-3 small bottles. Now we have this shampoo for several years for one Husky. The product and this mail service is highly recommended. A bit smaller package for 1-2 dog families?

    Juhani Saastamoinen, Helsinki Finlsnd

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