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Shampoos for cats

Cats and humans have different skins and hairs. So, your cat should use shampoos for cats suitable for your own hair and skin.

In you will find variety of shampoos for cats, you can start using from 8 months, once they have fulfilled their vaccines due and is dewormed.

Moisturizing shampoo for cats

Each cat, according to their characteristics in the fur requires specific shampoos for cats, which are properly formulated to meet their hygiene needs without causing consequences or damage.

Cat shampoos are specially formulated for them, because their skin has fewer layers of human skin cells, so you should never use any shampoo, and avoid your cat has skin problems. In this you must never use products with a pH below 6 in the skin of your pet.

Here you will find a variety of products Hairdressing and hygiene for cats to help you with your cat, Check Us!

Dry shampoos for cats

It is no secret that most cats are not lovers of the bathrooms, do not like to feel wet, they handled excessively and even less rubbed with towels or exposed to dryers.

But despite this reality it is advisable to give him a bath occasionally. Dry shampoo for cats is suitable for those who resist the bathroom, because it is a product that is applied dry and simply removed using a towel.

Dry shampoos for cats can be used frequently. After an outdoor outlet, after the cat playing in the sand and grass.

Shampoos Friskies cat

The Friskies brand was created especially for the care and welfare of your pets. It has products with innovative features such as Hampus c cat that improve and facilitate bathtime.

The Hampus c Friskies cat protect your pet's skin because they contain natural ingredients also leave a refreshing and prolonged aroma.

Brands styling products and hygiene for cats

We can find a variety of shampoos for cats in , some of the brands you'll find are: Bayer , Beaphar , Biogance , Dermoscent , König , Novartis , Pet Head , Virbac , Freedog , Friskies .