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Cat scratchers

What is a scraper for cats? Basically two things, so that the cat's cat feel, and you do not fear for your furniture. Domestic cats, despite their sedentary lifestyle, maintain certain instinctive habits, such as hiking, exploring or scratching. Yes, scratching, and not spoil things, but by sharpening their nails, stretching their muscles and mark their territory by substance secreted from the interdigital glands and loose with every scratch. In short, if someone has a pussycat at home, the presence of a scraper cat becomes imperative.

A scraper for cats, ideal anti-stress tool

As we said, scrapers serve them cats to mark their territory, to exercise and to sharpen their nails, as this is eliminating the dead layers and gives way to new and more tender. Although I must say that the wipers do not prevent occasionally have to make use of nail clippers for cats .

But besides all that, a good scraper, whether the mark is, Trixie , Karlie Flamingo or Ferplast , to name only a few of which offer their items for cats in our shop online animals, also helps the cat release your stress, something basic to make it easier, or even possible, to live with him.

Types of scrapers

This type of accessories for cats can have many presentations and sizes. They range from flat objects to secure them to the ground, to other vertical arrangement ready for installation on the wall or what seem to be trees. For example, while the plans are good for puppies, the case of a cat tree becomes the best resource for big cats.

Howevers, you can see in our pet store variety is huge, and there are also strippers posing as a pole or a tower, and even the same object combines several functions as it is scraping, instead of exercising and climbing, watchtower to contemplate their domains and comfortable space for a nap. That is, one of the most comprehensive toys for cats you can have.

A scraper and food

In short, a house cat is pretty happy with a full scraper that allows fun and take their ancestral instincts. Yes appropriate to their age and physical condition, because for adult cats, almost elderly, scrapers must find them very comfortable use.

And as ideal for a happy life complement domestic feline and just need a good feeder full of cat food . With that and with the company owners is already happy. So, as we took their duck cans or cat food when we travel we never forget to put a scraper, however small, in their trasportín cat . He will thank you, and as we said before, use it relieves stress and we all know that any change in that sense can affect cats.