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Doors for cats and catteries

Doors for cats and catteries

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Cat flaps

Cats are very observant and explorers animals. They like to move inside and outside the house where they live, to know the environment around them. To facilitate the task of getting in and out of house doors are ideal for cats. In Miscota.es you can find them at the best prices!

Door Gateras

Chocks for doors have evolved over time, as in principle were simply holes in the door, but over time, these were modified to prohibit the passage of other animals or cold water. So they evolved into small gates.

Chocks door you can find in our online catalog are of different types, you can choose between folding catteries , cattery with closing system or electromagnetic catteries .

The most innovative are the electromagnetic catteries. These operate through sensors, which in connection with cat collar open or closed depending on whether toward or away.

Gateras for glass doors

Cat doors are designed to put in any room of the house as the walls, windows, furniture, or in the kennels for cats . They can look at all kinds of doors and glass doors.

In Miscota.es you can find many sizes in catteries for glass doors, these usually are elaborated in a tough but little heavy plastic, which does not damage the door glass.

Chocks for glass doors usually come with a locking system that enables smooth opening and closing movements, protecting the glass.

Marks access doors for cats

Access doors cat you'll find Miscota.es vary in size and color. Besides materials vary between doors cat aluminum , the doors plastic cat and doors PVC cat .

Chadog , Ferplast , Karlie Flamingo , Trixie , Pet Mate , among others are the marks of our stock.

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